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Eating disorder therapist Lindsey Cope
Clinical Director

Specialties: Eating disorders, athletes, trauma, highly sensitive persons
Ages: 14+
Modalities: Individual Therapy and Group Therapy
Types of Therapy: Somatic therapy, mindful self-compassion, narrative therapy, attachment-based therapy, polyvagal, and parts work

About the Name

"Pace Yourself" comes from my experiences both as a long time runner and as someone in recovery from an eating disorder.

In running, pacing is essential to getting faster, going farther, or achieving your goal. Pacing is individual, and requires you to intentionally either push harder or slow down

In eating disorder recovery, pacing is about recognizing that we all heal at our own pace; you can't rush recovery or change. So, there's no one "right" time or way, but simply your way. 

By embracing the idea that we can move at our own pace, it frees us up from perfectionism, all or nothing thinking, and societal expectations. We get to set our path and our pace.

Woman walking on path at sunset feeling confident in self
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