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Healing Happens At Your Own Pace


If you're here, you're probably tired of feeling like no matter how hard you try, it never feels like enough.


You work hard, do your best to be healthy, and you always show up for those around you, yet you still feel like something is missing. You constantly doubt yourself and your decisions, and you're starting to feel stuck, tired, and hopeless.

​If so, you're not alone! I understand the pressures of growing up as a woman in a society that tells us we are never enough, and I'm passionate about helping women recognize that they don't have to keep striving for what society tells them they "should" be and, instead, start cultivating a loving, gentle relationship with themselves. 


Hey there! I'm Lindsey Cope, and I'm so glad you're here.

I support women in rebuilding self-trust, connecting with themselves and their voices, and relating to themselves more gently. 


I use weight inclusive, anti-diet and fat positive perspectives to support women in challenging societal messages about weight, body, and worth. I believe all women deserve to have permission (from themselves) to live full and empowered lives. 

What We Offer

Pace Yourself Counseling Collective offers in-person and virtual sessions in the North Buckhead area of Atlanta. 

woman in therapy to work on trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationships

Support with issues such as trauma, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles.

Woman engaged in eating disorder and body image therapy

Support with chronic dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, body image, and compulsive exercise.

Group of body diverse women laughing in group therapy, feeling confident in their bodies

Support with body image, life transitions, and managing anxiety.

“We heal when we can be with what we feel.”

Hillary McBride
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